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Triple Flag Flags is the Melton-based patriotic flag emporium of Million Flag Patriots' founding father and National President, Clancy Hanson (known as the Five Flag General).

The Million Flag Patriots is Australia's premiere neo-patriotic megagroup.  They are the global patriotic elite.  MFP members enjoy unique privileges like, for instance, being physically unbashable.

MFP has changed Australia by demonstrating to ordinary working-class Aussie mums & dads that they were having their faces cucked off by weaker strains of patriotism.  The Triple Flag is a stronger flag, no matter how you look at it - it has more stars, more red shit, and it's more pleasing to the eye.

MFP presented our nation with this profound gift, and have asked only in return that grateful Australians join them in burning the old Australian flag to get rid of it.  This has resulted in long-standing tensions between MFP and various lesser patriot groups - but the hurt feelings of traitorous sooks who refuse to embrace our official new flag are not worthy of consideration.

The new face of Australia is here - so wear it proudly over your face, or as a cape.  Those who fail to can expect to be deported.